The Vancouver Campus’ Council of Senates’ Budget Sub-committee wants to hear from you

To: All faculty at UBC’s Vancouver campus

The Vancouver Campus Council of Senates Budget Sub-committee has undertaken efforts to engage with the broader University community. One aspect of this is a webpage that the Sub-committee has established, to make the community aware of what the Sub-committee is discussing. This webpage is available here:

At its next meeting on Wednesday November 14th, the Sub-committee will be meeting jointly with the Senate Academic Building Needs Committee to discuss classroom upgrades, classroom utilization, and current capital projects.

If you have a concern or question that you believe might add value to the Sub-committee’s discussions, please send a brief message to Please keep in mind that not all comments will be appropriate to the Sub-committee’s mandate, and items will be added to the Sub-committee’s agenda only at the discretion of the Chair.


William G. Dunford, Chair
Council of Senates Vancouver Campus Budget Sub-committee