Campus Communication Improvements

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students on the Vancouver and Okanagan Campuses:

Over the first eight months as President, I have had many wonderful opportunities to meet with dedicated and passionate university staff, faculty, students, and alumni at both campuses. From student roundtables, faculty forums and staff breakfasts to social media exchanges, alumni dialogues and individual meetings, I have learned about UBC from you.

One message I heard repeatedly is a desire for cross-university information and dialogue. From budgets to strategic actions, we need avenues to keep the community better informed and to create vehicles for feedback. Along with the various campus engagement activities mentioned above, some measures we will be adopting include:

  • Regular email communication from the President and Executive about strategic priorities and plans;
  • New opportunities to participate in the university’s budget planning process;
  • Improved online tools for staff that reflect feedback and incorporate a mix of timely updates and useful content;
  • Response to proposals and ideas received from staff, faculty, students and alumni to mark UBC’s Centennial (September 2015 to June 2016);
  • Re-formatted ‘Breakfast with the President’ series to include a mix of staff, faculty and students in discussions regarding the future of UBC and higher education; and
  • A comprehensive, university-wide academic events website;

I also plan to continue holding open dialogue sessions with academic departments with a goal of meeting all by year end. I welcome your guidance in introducing other measures to improve communication and respond to feedback so we continue to build our university together.

Warmest regards,

Arvind Gupta,

President and Vice-Chancellor