Vancouver campus incident

To: Students in Vancouver

Yesterday, you may be aware that the RCMP confirmed a fatality on our Vancouver campus. It is with deep regret that I inform you, today, that this was a student from our UBC community.

Death can be difficult for us to understand, especially when it is sudden. Many of us may be confronted with a variety of emotions which might include shock, sadness and confusion. I know that those of you who have been affected will seek the support of family and friends. Please know that UBC cares about every member of our community and we are here for you as well.

If you want to talk to a professional about this tragic event there are many resources available:

UBC Counselling Services:
Room 1040, Brock Hall
1874 East Mall
604 822-3811

UBC Student Health Service:
Koerner Pavillion
2211 Wesbrook Mall, Room M334
604 822-7011

Our Chaplains from a variety of faiths are also available to help:

I recognize that heading into the weekend UBC Counselling Service and Student Health Service will be closed. Through the AMS/GSS Health & Dental Plan, students have access to Empower Me, a mental health service offering 24/7 counselling support. They can be reached toll-free at 1-844-741-6389.

During times like these it is important to remember that we are all part of the UBC community. In the coming days and beyond, I encourage each of you to continue to look out for one another, and help those in need, to access the supports available.

Louise Cowin
Vice-President, Students

External review of Enrolment Services

To: Faculty, staff and students in Vancouver and the Okanagan

An external review of Enrolment Services is being carried out to assist the university as it considers the reappointment of Dr. Kate Ross. Dr. Ross’ current term as Associate Vice-President, Enrolment Services and Registrar comes to an end on 31 October, 2018. The terms of reference for the review can be found at

A review team will visit UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan between January 8 and 10, 2018. The members of the review team are:

  • Ms. Charmaine Hack, University Registrar, Ryerson University;
  • Ms. Melissa Pool, University Registrar, McMaster University;
  • Mr. Walter Wong, University Registrar, University of California, Berkeley.

The review team will meet with faculty, students, staff, senior administrators, registrars from other post-secondary institutions, and other individuals or groups that may interact with Enrolment Services at UBC.

Prior to their visit, the review team will receive documentation on all aspects of the unit’s operations, including the nature and quality of its services to students and faculty, its facilities and resources, its administrative structure and organization, and its internal and external linkages.

You are invited to provide relevant written comments – along with your name and affiliation to UBC – to Dr. Herbert Rosengarten, the review coordinator, by January 3, 2018. All comments will be held in strict confidence, and will be forwarded to the members of the review team. The reviewers’ findings will be of value to the senior administration, the unit itself, and the university community as a whole.

We strongly encourage you to participate in this important process – your input is greatly appreciated.

Andrew Szeri
Provost and Vice-President Academic, UBC Vancouver

Deborah Buszard
Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Principal, UBC Okanagan

Update on new expenditure guidelines for all UBC faculty and staff

If you are a manager of staff whose work is not computer-based, please print this email and display it in a common work area for them to review.

To: Faculty and staff in Vancouver and the Okanagan

Since the announcement of new expenditure guidelines on September 27, we have received a number of comments, questions and concerns. I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to share their feedback with us.

There has been a positive response to the founding principles, as well as the compilation of various policies and practices into one document. However, we have learned that a number of changes to current practice – specific to computer and related purchases, as well as pre-approval for travel – require further thought and consultation.

For both of these areas, we propose to establish a working group with representatives from across the university.

In addition to establishing the working groups, we are developing “Frequently Asked Questions” which will be posted online soon. The guidelines will also be subject to regular review and we look forward to working with faculty and staff representatives to refine them.

You can view the expenditure guidelines at

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please feel free to contact your local Finance Director:

Andrew Simpson,
Vice-President, Finance & Operations

Inviting pledges for the United Way campaign

If you are a manager of staff whose work is not computer-based, please print this email and display it in a common work area for them to review.

To: Faculty and staff in Vancouver and the Okanagan

The UBC Community United Way campaign officially opens next week with a Week of Caring, with many opportunities to participate. 

I personally support the United Way, and I encourage you to consider making a donation. On Tuesday, October 10, you will receive a personalized email from inviting you to make a payroll pledge online.

If each member of UBC’s working community were to donate $3 per pay, our campaign would exceed 1 million dollars. This would give hope to more than 100,000 people in all our Lower Mainland and Okanagan communities, benefiting people of all ages.

Learn more about the campaign at your campus, and the different ways you can get involved:

I know we can do this because together, we are possibility.

Thank you for your support of the UBC Community United Way campaign.

Professor Santa J. Ono,
President and Vice-Chancellor

New expenditure guidelines for all UBC faculty and staff

If you are a manager of staff whose work is not computer-based, please print this email and display it in a common work area for them to review.

To: Faculty and staff in Vancouver and the Okanagan

The university has developed new expenditure guidelines to help everyone improve transparency and enhance stewardship of public funds by providing clear, supplemental guidance on what is reasonable and appropriate when faculty and staff spend, or are reimbursed with, UBC funds. These guidelines will be effective October 1, 2017 and can be read at

Beyond guidance for specific cases such as travel, donations, gifts, hospitality and entertainment, computers, mobile devices, or home internet connections, the guidelines ask all faculty and staff to consider these four questions:

  1. Does the expense need to be incurred and is there value for UBC?
  2. Is there an alternative that is less expensive but still appropriate, safe, and convenient?
  3. Would this expense be considered excessive/unreasonable from the general public’s view?
  4. Is it an arm’s length transaction (i.e. no conflict) that conforms to sound business practice?

The guidelines will apply to expenditures and reimbursements made under UBC Policies:

The guidelines also apply to additional operational activities and purchases, including those not covered by the policies.

For more information about expenditures at UBC, please visit or email the Office of the Comptroller at

Andrew Simpson
Vice-President, Finance & Operations

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