Presidential Search Update

To: Faculty, staff and students in Vancouver and the Okanagan

If you are a manager of staff whose work is not computer-based, please print this email and display it in a common work area for them to review.

Dear Colleagues

Following the approval of the Terms of Reference by the Board of Governors and the Senates, I am pleased to advise that all 21 committee members have now been appointed or elected.

Their bios are available on the Presidential Search website at I want to take this opportunity to thank the committee members for volunteering their time and energy for this most important endeavour.

The Search Committee recently held its first meeting, and selected Perrett-Laver as the search firm that will provide professional assistance and support. Perrett-Laver is an internationally renowned search firm headquartered in London U.K., with offices in Vancouver, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington DC. It is a global leader in searches for large public research universities. Dan Perrett (founding partner) said that UBC’s presidential search is “the most important search that Perrett Laver will undertake in the six months.”

We are now entering the significant phase of formulating the presidential profile, which will outline the priorities and characteristics sought in our next President. The contribution of UBC stakeholders is critical in creating this profile, and hence the Search Committee will engage in a consultation process including town halls on the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses, as well as the solicitation of input from all internal and external stakeholders.

Once finalized and approved by the Board of Governors, the presidential profile will be distributed via broadcast email as well as published on the Presidential Search website

In the meantime, I encourage you to submit your comments to the Search Committee through the website at or by email to

Best Regards

Lindsay Gordon

Search Committee Membership

CHAIR Chancellor Lindsay Gordon
Three (3) from UBC Board of Governors
Appointed Members
Ms. Celeste Haldane
Ms. Fiona Macfarlane
Mr. Greg Peet
Three (3) Senators
Two (2) from Vancouver Senate
One (1) from Okanagan Senate
Ms. Carol Jaeger (V)
Dr. Marianne Legault (O)
Dr. Rickey Yada (V)
Three (3) Faculty
Two (2) from Vancouver faculty
One (1) from Okanagan faculty
Dr. Jennifer Berdahl (V)
Dr. Paul G. Davies (O)
Dr. Darrin Lehman (V)
Three (3) Deans
Two (2) chosen by Vancouver Committee of Deans
One (1) chosen by Okanagan Deans’ Council
Dr. Gordon Binsted (O)
Dr. Catherine Dauvergne (V)
Dr. Blye Frank (V)

Three (3) Students

One (1) chosen by the AMS
One (1) chosen by the UBCSUO
One (1) chosen by the GSS

Mr. Aaron Bailey (AMS)
Mr. Tom Macauley (UBCSUO)
Ms. Amber Shilling (GSS)
Two (2) Alumni
Appointed by alumni UBC
Mr. Gregg Saretsky
Ms. Faye Wightman
Three (3) Staff
One (1) from Okanagan campus unionized staff
One (1) from Vancouver campus unionized staff
One (1) from management and professional staff
Ms. Maureen Brophy (O)
Ms. Kelly Davies (V)
Dr. Andrea Han (M&P)