Rainbow flag burning incident shakes UBC

To: Faculty, staff, and students in Vancouver

If you are a manager of staff whose work is not computer-based, please print this email and display it in a common work area for them to review.

Our community has been shaken by a distressing incident directed at our LGBTQ+ community members and specifically the Pride Collective at UBC. As we shared in a statement last night, the university received news on February 9 that the pride rainbow flag raised at the opening ceremony for OUTweek (February 5), was burned sometime over the Family Day long weekend.

We hope this was a singular occurrence and that there will be no further incidents such as this on campus. The university is cooperating with Campus Security and the RCMP as they continue their investigation.

We condemn this as a serious incident that violates the values of equity, inclusion and respect deeply held by the university community. The university fully supports OUTweek and the Pride Collective at UBC who organize this annual celebration of gender and sexual diversity on campus.

The freedom to explore topics around gender and sexual identity are an integral part of what makes a university a place of learning. Any incident that disrupts this freedom is taken very seriously as it contradicts the respectful environment our community upholds.

The flagpole sustained some minor damage during the incident and is being repaired on Thursday. We are working with the Alma Mater Society and the Pride Collective at UBC on plans to re-raise the flag.

To read the university statement and find resources for students, faculty and staff, visit: http://equity.ubc.ca/2016/02/09/ubc-response-to-rainbow-flag-burning-incident/


Show your support for the Pride Collective at UBC: prideubc@gmail.com
Sexual Assault Support Centre (SASC): Tel: (604) 827-5180 http://amssasc.ca/
Employee and Family Assistance Program: Care Access Centre 1-800-387-4765

Angela Redish
Provost and Vice President Academic pro tem

Lisa Castle
Vice President, Human Resources

Louise Cowin
Vice President, Students

Sara-Jane Finlay
Associate Vice President, Equity and Inclusion