Release of the Paula Butler Review Executive Summary

To: Faculty, staff and students in Vancouver and the Okanagan

If you are a manager of staff whose work is not computer-based, please print this email and display it in a common work area for them to review. 

In December 2015, barrister and solicitor Paula Butler, of Butler Workplace Solutions, an independent expert in workplace harassment, was retained by the university to review UBC’s response to concerns of sexual harassment and sexual assault raised by UBC students regarding a fellow student.

Today, UBC has released the executive summary report. The report determines that there was no breach of UBC’s policies, including Policy 3 Discrimination and Harassment, the Student Code of Conduct, and Rules for the President’s UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan Non-Academic Misconduct Committees.

You can view the executive summary online at

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you about the resources available should you, or someone you know, disclose that they have been sexually assaulted.  People are likely to disclose to someone they trust, therefore it is important that each member of our community knows how to effectively refer those who disclose to resources for support, accommodations, and reporting. For Vancouver students, resources can be found at  Okanagan students see Faculty and staff see

Sara-Jane Finlay 
Associate Vice President
Equity and Inclusion