Improving the use of your preferred/chosen name

To: Students in Vancouver and the Okanagan

Changes to UBC systems will enable staff and faculty to better view and use your preferred name.

Why this is important

Many members of our community use names that are not their legal name. While we use the phrase “preferred name”, for many people, this is not just a preference: it is the only name they use and it is essential to their identity. It is especially important for transgender and non-binary students whose university experience and wellbeing are negatively impacted when their preferred/chosen name is not used.

At UBC, students are primarily known to staff and professors by their preferred name. Just like correctly pronouncing student names, this practice is in line with UBC policies that ensure everyone is “provided with the best possible conditions for learning, researching and working”.

Where you will see changes

Your preferred name already appears on Connect, Canvas, and if requested, on your UBCcard. It will now also appear on the Student Services Centre (SSC), class lists, and UBC Student Housing systems.

Where you will not see changes

Your preferred name will not appear on all UBC systems and services. UBC systems are not all centralized, and many services may not have the capability to present your preferred name.

Documents that require a legal name will continue to display your legal name only.

For more information about preferred names at UBC visit

Kate Ross
Associate Vice-President, Enrolment Services and Registrar

Sara-Jane Finlay
Associate Vice-President, Equity and Inclusion