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Please note: This message is sent on behalf of the UBC Alumni Association (alumni UBC).

UBC’s Chancellor, Lindsay Gordon, will finish his second and final term on June 30, 2020. We are grateful for the Chancellor’s numerous contributions to the life of UBC and the substantial personal time and energy he has devoted to the university. You will hear more about Mr. Gordon’s tremendous service in the coming months.

The Chancellor is the titular head of the university. He or she is chair of the Convocation and a member of the Board of Governors and Senates. The Chancellor confers degrees granted by UBC and represents the university in many formal occasions. The Chancellor is also a member, ex officio, of the Board of Directors of alumni UBC. The position of Chancellor is entirely voluntary.

Consistent with Part 5 Section 11 of the University Act, the UBC Board of Governors will appoint the next Chancellor on nomination by the UBC Alumni Association (alumni UBC) and after consultation with the Council of Senates.

The Board of Directors of alumni UBC, following consultation with the chair of the UBC Board of Governors and chair of the Council of Senates Executive Committee, has established terms of reference for the process that will be used to identify an exceptional individual to be nominated by alumni UBC, upon the recommendation of a university-wide committee. The terms of reference can be found at

A search committee will be formed consistent with these terms of reference, with elections for faculty, staff and student representation being conducted by the Office of Senate and Curriculum Services. Once the committee has been established early this fall, there will be further updates regarding the process, including ways in which you can provide input to the committee.

Randy Findlay
Chair, alumni UBC Board of Directors

Ross Langford
Vice Chair, alumni UBC Board of Directors

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