COVID–19 — Important information for secure remote working

If you are a manager of staff whose work is not computer-based, please print this email and display it in a common work area for them to review.

With an increase in the number of faculty and staff currently accessing UBC’s systems and networks remotely, we would like to remind you of the IT resources and support available to you at this time.

Keeping UBC’s systems and networks safe

While we already have several technologies in place to help secure remote access, please remain extra vigilant when accessing UBC files and logging in to UBC’s systems and networks. This includes:

  • Using the Virtual Private Network (VPN) to remotely connect to the UBC network. Visit hxxps://* for details on how to log-in.
  • Ensuring you are enrolled with an Enhanced Campus-Wide Login for multi-factor authentication.
  • Logging out of VPN and your devices when not in use.
  • Not clicking on links from unfamiliar sources. Doing so can download malware onto your computer even without further action on your part.
  • Reporting any suspicious emails to, so the UBC Cybersecurity team can investigate them.
  • Implementing a strong password on all of your accounts and log-ins, and keeping it secure. Please do not use UBC accounts or passwords for any other websites.
  • Completing the mandatory Privacy and Information Security Fundamentals training at hxxps://*

UBC’s Cybersecurity Team is also working on additional security software and precautions to ensure UBC information remains protected. More details will be shared internally with IT departmental administrators this week. Please ensure you are following any guidance that may be issued to ensure you take the necessary precautions and have the appropriate security software installed to protect UBC’s data.

Bookmark hxxps://* for more tips and resources on information security.

IT guide to working remotely

IT has compiled some key technical resources to support you in working remotely, including programs that will help you stay connected to your colleagues through audio conferencing, virtual meetings and instant messaging. Access them here: hxxps://*

Contacting the UBC IT Helpdesk

Currently, the preferred method for requesting assistance from UBC IT is to submit a ticket with the Help Desk. Please find the relevant links below:

  • UBC Vancouver: hxxps://*
  • UBC Okanagan: hxxps://*

*We avoid the use of clickable links in UBC Broadcasts that pertain to cybersecurity-related information. Please copy and paste the address into your browser and replace the ‘hxxps’ with ‘https’ and you will be taken to the proper website.

On behalf of the Privacy and Information Security Management (PrISM) Executive Leadership Committee, thank you for keeping UBC’s systems and networks safe and secure.

Hubert Lai, Q.C.
University Counsel

Peter Smailes
Vice-President, Finance & Operations

Andrew Szeri
Provost and Vice-President, Academic, UBC Vancouver

This message was sent to faculty and staff in Vancouver and the Okanagan.

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