New expenditure guidelines for all UBC faculty and staff

If you are a manager of staff whose work is not computer-based, please print this email and display it in a common work area for them to review.

To: Faculty and staff in Vancouver and the Okanagan

The university has developed new expenditure guidelines to help everyone improve transparency and enhance stewardship of public funds by providing clear, supplemental guidance on what is reasonable and appropriate when faculty and staff spend, or are reimbursed with, UBC funds. These guidelines will be effective October 1, 2017 and can be read at

Beyond guidance for specific cases such as travel, donations, gifts, hospitality and entertainment, computers, mobile devices, or home internet connections, the guidelines ask all faculty and staff to consider these four questions:

  1. Does the expense need to be incurred and is there value for UBC?
  2. Is there an alternative that is less expensive but still appropriate, safe, and convenient?
  3. Would this expense be considered excessive/unreasonable from the general public’s view?
  4. Is it an arm’s length transaction (i.e. no conflict) that conforms to sound business practice?

The guidelines will apply to expenditures and reimbursements made under UBC Policies:

The guidelines also apply to additional operational activities and purchases, including those not covered by the policies.

For more information about expenditures at UBC, please visit or email the Office of the Comptroller at

Andrew Simpson
Vice-President, Finance & Operations